About the Interactive Maps

There are six interactive maps on this website, two that emphasize our location (“Lakeside Club Location” and “Little Traverse Bay”) and four topic-based maps that feature different types of sites, such as restaurants and food and drink-related sites. The topic-based map links are on the AREA INFO menu and the location maps can be found on the LAKESIDE CLUB menu.

The interactive maps were developed using a map-building site provided by Batchgeo.com. With our free account the maps include an Ad strip below them. Batchgeo uses Google Adsense to display their Ads. Google filters out any malicious websites and Ads.

When you open a map you will see a number of colored markers corresponding to sites of interest. Hovering over a marker with your cursor displays the name of the site, and clicking on the marker brings up a box that includes the name, address, phone number, and other useful information about the site. 

Each map includes two or more locations (called Cities or Groups) indicated by differently colored markers. To focus on a particular location such as Petoskey, go to the narrow strip just below the map indicated by the “City” (or “Group”) button, and click on “Petoskey.” That will show only the sites that are in or near Petoskey, indicated by markers of the same color. Some markers may be clumped together, but you can separate them by clicking on the + sign in the upper right-hand corner to zoom in. It may take several clicks to separate them enough to see each marker individually. You can then hover over and click on markers to see the information they provide. To focus on a different location such as Harbor Springs, first click on the X in the strip that says “City: Petoskey”, then click on “Harbor Springs.” Otherwise you will get a map that includes both groups.

Using the scroll bar on the right side of a map, you can scroll down through a list of the sites on each map. (Some of the sites are accompanied by photos, which may or may not be helpful.) To locate a particular site from the list, scroll back up to the map, select the city the site is in, and enlarge the map until the markers are well separated. Then scroll down and click on the name of the site from the list. The site will be highlighted when you return to the map.

Otherwise the maps work like ordinary Google maps. Clicking + or – zooms in or out, clicking on the map to display a “hand” cursor allows you to move the map around on the screen, and clicking on “Satellite” at the top right of the screen gives you a satellite’s view of the terrain. You can also print a map and its information by clicking on the print icon at top left. 

Suggestions for additions or corrections to the maps are welcome: email jwillehman@gmail.com. 

Note: This description applies for desktop and laptop computers; not all of the features described are available on mobile devices.  

Here’s a simple map showing the Lakeside Club location that you can practice on. Use the scroll bar to display all of the information about the sites.

View Lakeside Club Location in a full screen map